Embroidery Digitizing - Past, Present, and Future

Embroidery digitizing is often a new strategy to turn logos as well as other graphics into files that an embroidery machine will use to make beautiful looking embroidery on such things as shirts, caps, and bags. In order for the embroidery machines to stitch a design the main design have to be adapted so it looks good as 3d embroidery. Modern tools has made the entire process of having a logo or graphic and making it a stitchable design easier laptop or computer was at days gone by.


The historical past of Machine Embroidery

Embroidered products have been great promotional tools for businesses. Before computers and specialized software made it viable to generate highly accurate stitch guides determined by high res graphic files companies used punch cards to generate embroidery patterns. Punch cards were considered to be the quickest and many accurate means of creating designs for embroidery machines for a long period. The punch card technique of creating stitch guides continues to be utilized in certain areas where usage of better technology is limited but just about all commercial embroidery patterns now are digitized.

Embroidery Digitizing Over the Decades

Embroidery designs went digital in the 80s when computers began getting used to create and send graphics. To start with all the designs were saved onto floppy disks that may be easily presented to the Excellent Digitizing LLC by clients to produce the end product. Today almost all of the digitized patterns that are created for embroidery machines can fit onto tiny USB flash drives or they are often sent using email. Some embroidery companies still would rather obtain the stitchable graphic on floppy disc many them have invested in updated machines that moved to modern-day ways of file transfer like flash drives.

Not able to Embroidery Digitizing

Seeing that technology has evolved further and it has created graphic interfaces like touch screens and style screens where clients can draw on their screens not able to embroidery digitization is beginning to change again. Clients and digital design experts who create stitch patterns from logos can collaborate live using video chat. That means it is easier to develop a design that will look fantastic embroidered on a number of products. Clients may also see just what the finished stitch pattern will look like prior to design is finalized. This streamlined process can make it faster and easier than previously to get fantastic looking custom graphics embroidered on promotional products.
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