Maintenance For Air Conditioning Systems

Most companies attempt to trade you التكييف المركزي together with your ducted and ductless (wall split) reverse cycle (refrigerated) air conditioners. They'll advise you that you have to perform maintenance annually however this might not be the truth. Below are some basic maintenance tips that may save you a high priced maintenance onsite visit fee.


Both ductless (wall splits) and ducted reverse cycle (refrigerated) units require hardly any maintenance in any way. The main thing to perform is usually to clean the filter within the return air grille once every Three to six months or if required.

The return air grille for the ducted method is the top grille located usually in a hallway or sometimes a wall. The installer should show you the way to open and clean the hepa filter. The most effective way to scrub them is either which has a vacuum or with warm soapy water. When the air conditioning unit suddenly cools less or sounds noisy, it is a wise decision to own filter a clear.

A fantastic indication that this filter needs cleaning is when it becomes noisier beneath it than usual or maybe if air conditioner actually starts to cool/heat less than normal. If the house moved by having a time when a great deal of dust has become kicked up (for instance when relocating) it is also a wise decision to scrub the filter.

Other than this the principle maintenance for any reverse cycle air conditioning unit is just to maintain the outdoor fans in the unit clear of any obstructions such as sticks. These basic maintenance tips will provide you with years and years of reliable air-con use.
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