Why Wireframing Is useful for Your web site

From my very own experience, I reckon that you can categorise the site design process into two sections: the design method that doesn't work with a prototyping tool, and the the one which does. Being for sides of this fence, I've an understanding of methods those two processes work and although designing without a wireframe does work, I'd ought to vote to be replaced by them.

Wireframing, the development of a "visual blueprint", needn't be overly complicated. At most basic level, I have seen wireframes which can be simply are series of post-it notes together with the gui (UI) elements stolen them. These are then placed onto a notepad to indicate the structural layout. Compare this to wireframes produced through design software and you'll go to a more refined wireframe through the latter, but it doesn't matter how you want to you could make your structural model, it makes sense always precisely the same. To put it simply, it shows yourself, the consumer or another party where things will likely be located on the page.


This may be a real time saver if you're producing a website for a client. Finding comfort my era of standing on "side A" from the fence, when making a website for a client Irrrve never used to perform any wireframing process back then. The entire process consisted of: gathering requirements, spec'ing your website, allowing the graphical UI and then building the website if the design have been agreed. The main flaw I came across on this process is the potential for the client planning to affect the main layout quite considerably. I'd haven't any problem if they simply want to tweak things in some places e.g. colours, make text larger, atart exercising . more images in some places, result in the video a lttle bit bigger (the most common stuff); nevertheless it would be a good deal more painful when they then want to move numerous things about on the page that directly affected the "page template". Jumping onto "side B" of the fence and producing the wired layout for your site means that layout might be agreed beforehand in the knowledge that once the UI design is presented, you might then only need to update the standard stuff.

Having to Spell against each other for Clients

Even if presenting a wireframe to some client though, I have had occa
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