Hair Extensions: Where Does the Hair Result from?

The thing is them everywhere; they enable celebrities to go from short hair to greater lengths in an instant. Some look awful while others blend very well that nobody would ever suspect; but ever thought about where the hair found in extensions comes from? Could it be from human sources? What sort of process does it proceed through before it's attached as a possible extension? This article address many of these questions and provide a few other insights in to the world of the head of hair extension industry that could interest the common, information seeking, consumer.


First, we have to establish that we now have many companies that send buyers in the market to acquire hair for hair extensions and, without sounding biased to one brand or another, I am going to just say this... not all extensions are top quality, so, buyer beware!

There are three basic kinds of hair that is utilized for extensions.

• Synthetic - Hair produced from synthetic fibers which can be less likely to tangle together with your natural hair but is quite prone to melting as a result of heat from hot dryers and irons.

• Animal - Particularly, your pet hair that is traditionally used for extensions arises from the under-belly with the Yak. It is claimed that this kind of hair, due to the texture and appear, has got the the most suitable structure to be used being a match for chemically relaxed and treated African-Ethnic hair. One major drawback is always that after that are the ones who'll experience or develop allergies for the Yak hair.

• Human - This hair may come from the selection of geographical regions. A word of caution: You can find firms that will declare that the item you are receiving is from a human source but on final analysis, it could be demonstrated to contain animal hair or synthetic fibers, also. The main reason this can be able to occur is due to the technicality that if a collection of hair joined to form extra time strand contains one or more human strand inside the mix, by legal standards it may be marketed as human. So, when researching where your particular extensions originate from, always make sure that you are guaranteed that what you're buying is 100% real hair.

Given that we have categorized what are the basic forms of Friseur Neu-Ulm ohne Termin are made from, we are able to look a little further into how a human hair, found in image extensions, is collected.
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