What You Need To Know About Paper Towels

Paper towels are used for different purposes as well as in different areas. For example, they may be some units that are found in homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals and others in industries. Generally in most of the areas, the papers are used in wiping spills. In public places bathrooms the towels are offered as disposable hand towels.

The papers could also be used in cleaning where they are used in wiping windows, furniture, mirrors, kitchen, and loo surfaces. In rare cases they are utilised as table napkins.


How it all began

The towels were found by Arthur Scott, who had been the head from the Scott Paper Company. The papers put together from the manufacturing mistake where thick rolls were made. Since the papers were too thick to use as toilet papers, Scott perforated them into small sheets and sold them as disposable paper towels with a teacher.

The teacher gave the papers to students who had a chilly so that they couldn't contaminate the roller towel. The children loved the towels a lot.

Scott branded the papers Sani-Towels and sold them to hotels, restaurants and railroad stations. Here the papers were utilized in public bathrooms. Using the towels grew tremendously where these were mainly used in restaurants and hotels. Because of their popularity various kinds of towels were created. The very first paper hand towel dispensers to use with the cooking was introduced by Scott in 1931.


The standard size the towels is 11-by-11-inches as well as the standard-size roll has 60 sheets. Although, here is the standard size, different brands have different sized sheets and rolls.

The thickness of the papers is known as a ply where the variety of plies determines the effectiveness of the towel to soak up spills. The quantity of plies also determines the softness of the towel.

Paper towels vs. cloth towels

While paper and cloth towels serve the identical functions, there are a variety of benefits that sponges have over cloth towels. An advantage is always that paper towels are disposable; therefore, you don't have to have a problem with cleaning them as you use them once and throw them in the trash can.

An additional advantage is the papers tend to be cheaper than cloth towels.


This is what you need to know about sponges. When purchasing the papers you need to select the thickest ones because they absorb spills better. It's also advisable to ensure that you purchase the units from your reputable store selling top quality units.
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